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The position we are offering:

Associate / Analyst

Job responsibilities:

1. Do industry research and company analysis, and prepare relevant documents required by the exchange, including research reports, business plans, financial models, etc.;

2. Find and preliminarily contact with potential target clients / enterprises, and assist and participate in the execution of financing project, due diligence, etc.;

3. Track the progress of the financing project, and assist in negotiation and completion of the transaction;

Job requirements:

1. Quick learning ability, strong communication ability, clear logic, and independent research ability;

2. Preference for candidates with working experience in investment banking, accounting firm, TMT industry, consulting company and media field;

3. Bachelor’s degree or above in domestic and foreign top universities;

4. Good character, team spirit, professional spirit, self-motivation, and able to work under pressure.



Job responsibilities:

1. Collect and organize industry data and portfolio company materials;

2. Assist in making project BP, financial model, etc.;

Job requirements:

1. Students from top universities in China and abroad, preferred in finance, accounting, economy and law majors.

2. Good logical analysis ability, report writing ability, proficient in common office software;

3. Strong sense of responsibility, good personality and serious attitude.


If you are interested, please send your resume to the following email address:

• Resume delivery:

• Mail format: job title + name + recruitment information source (for example: website,, referrer, etc.);

• Work place: Full Tower Suite 908, No.9 Middle East Third Ring Road, Chaoyang district, Beijing, China