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Private Financing

Providing equity financing services for enterprises in growth stage.

PE Share Transfer and Acquisition

Providing share transfer service of star enterprises.

Fund Investment Services

Assisting the fund in the investment in projects of specified industry and special funds.

Spring Partners devotes to provide diversified capital service to top entrepreneurs and investors from TMT, new consumption, health and other field of new economy, including: private financing, PE share transfer, fund investment services, etc. Rich industry experience and unique understanding of capital markets enable Spring Partners to assist clients in completing complex transactions efficiently.
──────────── CASE ────────────
  • Meituan Dianping is the world's largest online life service platform, is the excellent representative of new generation of Chinese Internet industry, and also is one of the companies with highest valuation and fastest rising in China and even in the world. The company ranks top 5 in CB Insights unicorn company list.

  • VIPKID is the world's leading education brand for children. It allows children to take lively and interesting English classes at home.

  • Xinbada is the leading brand of flexible supply chain in China.

  • Leke VR is the top provider of virtual reality entertainment solutions.

  • Pinduzhe is a leading mobile reading service platform for "post-90s" generation, which has been acquired by China Reading Hold.

  • Credit Cloud is a professional Internet financial solutions provider.

  • Foton Motor is the largest commercial vehicle company in China with a business scope covering a full series of commercial vehicles.

  • Hejun Business School is the outstanding business leader training platform in China.

  • ZKML aims to solve the shortage of digital equipment in basic hospitals, and is a supplier of advanced digital medical technology solution.

  • Shenzhen United Property and Share Rights Exchange is a professional service platform for small and medium high-tech companies to provide cross-market financial services and multi-level capital market solutions.

  • DELSK Group is an asset allocation and financial services platform for global cross-border customers, providing diversified overseas assets in 20 countries around the world.

  • XiYun Group is one of the largest and most comprehensive meal service companies in China, and is committed to creating a closed loop of the whole catering industry.